You're applying to the sixth cohort of the Product Design Fellowship which is scheduled to start in July 2022. Our team would take 1-2 business days to get back to you about your application status.

Ex: 9123456789
A basic portfolio with a description of your projects is enough, nothing fancy required!
Scholarships available!
Worried about making the cut?

If you’re in doubt, apply anyway! It’s free to apply and if you get short-listed, you’ll feedback on your portfolio during the interview.

Which track is right for me?

The Placement track is for designers looking to grow as well as look for new job opportunities.

How do I prepare my portfolio?

A short brief for each project with this format:

  • On the challenge you were facing with your design approach,
  • The alternatives you considered,
  • What your contribution was and
  • What the impact of the project was.