Now accepting applications for Cohort 3. Last date to apply is January 22, 2022!

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Learn from anywhere. Even with a day job.

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The mentors at ownpath are senior designers and industry experts who’ll help you identify gaps and opportunities for growth.

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A certificate or a degree doesn’t mark the end of learning, it’s a continuous process as you grow in your career.

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A new way of learning. Based on mentorship, community & outcomes. Designed in collaboration with industry leaders.

Applications open for the next cohort starting in Jan 2022

Wall of love

Abhinit Tiwari  

Head of Design, Gojek


I had a great time working with them. Highly recommended! :D

Sameer Bhiwani  

UX Lead, Google

🧠 As an Ownpath coach, I found this program’s format to be really engaging with a whole lot to offer learners.

🚀 Ownpath is going places, highly recommended!

Fatema Raja  

Group Design Head, Gojek

Can’t express how much about design management I learnt with @ownpath_xyz ♥️

To all the aspiring UX designers out there!

Kristen Skinner  

Founder at &GSD, ownpath Instructor

I kicked off the year leading a Masterclass on Design Management with the stellar team @ownpath_xyz and now we're following up with a Q&A for Design Leaders. Join us!

Aishwarya Naik  

Master's student, UW

There's so much to talk about in what I've been upto for the last two months.

🔥 things so far :
- learning from masterclasses and then applying it to our problem statement
- working with fellows who have become dear friends
- confidence in my ability to drive a design process

Mudita Sisodia  

Product Designer, Obvious

I left my job in Feb and have been having literally the greatest time ever the last 2 months learning at @ownpath_xyz from some incredible mentors.

I'd say the COVID induced masters FOMO has also vanished (perhaps temporarily, we'll find), it's been that great.

Chandra R  

Product Designer, Gojek

I've been watching Ownpath for a while and interacting with grads and I'm super excited at what they're trying to create. They're trying to build a new, different kind of work-education hybrid model where students are engaged with potential employers from the start.

Sidu Ponnappa  

SVP Engineering, Gojek

Love what @ownpath_xyz has launched! This is *the* way to do professional upskilling - doing actual *paid* work for real customers on real world projects. No test, exam or unpaid project can compare. And the course becomes effectively free in the process. Perfect.

Mahima Chandak  

Product Designer, Obvious

Having spent quite a bit on design education myself and witnessing how it can be exclusionary, I love that @ownpath_xyz is pushing to make education accessible 🙌🏾