Lead Designer Fellowship

Learn from design leaders. Join a community of senior designers. Get promoted or find your dream job in design.

You're a senior designer and are ready to take the next big step. You want to

Take your seat at the table

Demonstrate the strategic value that your design will bring to stakeholders

Mentor people effectively

Understand essential skills required to mentor a small team of designers

Unlock your dream career opportunities

Find your dream job as a senior designer or get promoted in your current company as a senior designer

Find your community of like-minded designers

Be a part of a community of senior designers and learn from their experiences


Save precious time. Learn directly from expert practitioners

Identify your gaps and opportunities from senior design and product leaders

Navneet Nair image

Navneet Nair

Director Of Design


A curriculum designed to match your ambition.

Improve your skills through interactive roleplay, hands-on lessons and projects that prepare you for the real world.

Get access to our comprehensive curriculum for further reading

Investing in yourself is the best kind of investment

The program will pay for itself by helping you grow into a more advanced role

Upskill Track

What's included

  • Live masterclasses with design leaders

  • Live review sessions to get feedback

  • 2 one-on-one meetings with senior design leaders

  • Community events with industry experts

  • Access to curated resources

  • Exclusive access to our design community on Discord

  • Win scholarships upto ₹20,000


Incl GST. Friendly EMIs available.

Here's what they had to say about the program:


I had a great time working with them. Highly recommended! :D https://t.co/VcdhRV4YB3

Abhinit Tiwari
Head of Design, Gojek

🧠 As an Ownpath coach, I found this program’s format to be really engaging with a whole lot to offer learners.

🚀 Ownpath is going places, highly recommended! https://t.co/YHkvfYoTKN

Sameer Bhiwani
User Experience Leader, Google

Can’t express how much about design management I learnt with @ownpath_xyz ♥️

To all the aspiring UX designers out there! https://t.co/fqupqznDCT

Fatema Raja
Design Lead, Gojek & ownpath learner

I kicked off the year leading a Masterclass on Design Management with the stellar team @ownpath_xyz and now we're following up with a Q&A for Design Leaders. Join us! https://t.co/IRKGL9wxSM

Kristin Skinner
Founder at &GSD, ownpath Instructor

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